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Why is my eye twitching and how to get rid of it?

My right eye is twitching and i can't control it. Why? What does it mean? And how can i get rid of this eye twitching?
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  • edward


    In common, eye twitching is a sign of overtired. Also, too much coffee or alcohol consumption can also cause eye twitching. In addition, lacking of sleep can also cause eye twitching. If you still work right now, you'd better stop it and take a good rest. If you are busy right now, you can take a nap. It won't cost your too much time but it can refresh you up.
  • Mackenzie rose


    In common, stress and tiredness can cause eye twitching. In fact, eye twitching is a very common problems that everyone may experienced. But it is not a big problems. And they can come and go themselves. Sometimes, it only last several minutes or hours. Don't worry. Take a relax, have a good sleep, eye twitching can gone. If you have no time to sleep, you can try to blink your eyes as quickly as you can. Then close your eyes as hard as you can. Then, open your eyes. Hope this can help you.

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