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What to expect at walmart optical for my eye exam?

What to expect for my eye exam? Can i got dilated eyes? Can i drive home i get dilated eyes? And how much will they charge?
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  • crystal_jade13


    It is a good choice to go Wal Mart Vision Center. I went there. And it only cost me $91 for the eye exam, my prescription fitting and trial pair of colored contacts and a contact lens case. They are affordable. They are are pretty fairly priced there. And you can drive home after take an eye exam and get eyeglasses or contact lenses there. But if you have a dilated eyes, you'd better take a rest before you drive.
  • ejg29


    I have experience to take eye exam in Wal-Mart. And it cost me $6o for make the appointment. And it is common for get some eye drops to make eyes dilated so as to allow doctor check your eyes. And the dilated eyes will gone themselves with the time. Personally, you'd better not drive when you have dilated eyes for the sake of your safety. If you have to drive home. You'd better take a rest till your eyes recover from dilated eyes. Hope this can help you.