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Paige williams


Can laser surgery correct farsightedness?

I suffered from farsightedness. It is really bothersome when i do some near vision work. I want to cure it. And people said that laser surgery can help. Is it true?
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  • Thomas oliver


    Yes, laser surgery can correct farsightedness. However, taking laser surgery is risk for your eyes. You may suffered from undercorrection or overcorrection from the surgery. But it is rare to suffered from it. However, you may probably suffered chronic dry eyes after the surgery. So, you shall think twice over before you take the surgery. Good luck.
  • emi47678


    Yes, you can take an laser surgery for vision aids. Farsightedness is also known as hyperopia. And laser surgery can generally correct vision for them effectively. However, not all people can be the candidate for laser eye surgery. Before you taking the surgery, you shall consult an doctor if laser eye surgery are available for you. Good luck.
  • Rebecca


    Of course, the eye surgery is commonly performed to correct near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. Patients choose LASIK to avoid the need for contact lenses or glasses. Lasik is the most commonly practiced form of laser eye surgery as it has a quick healing and recovery time and is generally less painful than other types of corrective eye surgery
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