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What conditions is eye-twitching a symptom of ?

My eyes twitching and i can't control it. Why? Is it a sign of some eye diseases?
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  • Cathy


    Don't worry, a simple eye twitching is a sign of tiredness. And you can get rid of twitching eyes by getting a good rest. And usually, eye twitching will gone themselves several minutes or hours. Of course, there are some eye diseases that can cause eye twitching such as Blepharitis and pink eyes. But if you suffered from it, your eyes will appear red and you can feel itchy etc. If you have those symptoms, consult an doctor.
  • Catherine lewis


    Don't worry. Eye twitching is very common and everyone probably have this problems sometimes. In common, it caused by lacking of sleep, stress and fatigue. Also, drinking too much coffee may also causes it. But, if you also noticed that your eyes are red, itchy, burning and pain while suffered from eye twitching, you shall consult an eye doctor because it may caused by eye irritation or eye infection etc. Hope you will be OK soon.

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