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Kelly gary


How can you make your eyes more noticeable?

I have blue eyes. My eyes are boring how to make them more noticeable?
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  • Diane Bradstock


    Well, my advice is make proper eye makeup, and the details are as follows: 1. Check your eyes' color and then google the colors of eyeshadow that is proper for you to use. Usually, if you do not ask for special stage effect, you should choose the opposite color of eyeshadow to your eyes' color. For example, it is to use blue for brown eyes/light creamy eyes, but to use copper or brown for blue eyes. But some people also use peach eyeshadow to their brown eyes. 2. Do thin eyeliner on the top side but the bottom. Some people are not sure whether they should use gel eyeliner or pencil eyeliner. My opinion is to master pencil eyeliner and then try gel eyeliner. And practice much. What else is that what color you choose depends on the effect you want to creative, you skin's and hair's color, and your hair style. So make sure that the color you choose is appropriate for your whole dressing.
  • Jacqueline warren


    First of all, I want to tell you that there are no boring eyes in the world. Everyone has his or her own story in his or her eyes. For make your eye noticeable, I may offer you suggestions about making up. According to my understanding, there are two aspects about making eyes noticeable. The first one is the pupil and the other one is the shape of eyes. For pupils, the tip is to make them big and focusing. Colored contact lenses may help you with that. In my opinion, dark colored contact lenses are better. Contact lenses like black, brown or chocolate are good choices. They make you look deep, profound and full of stories. When you look at others, it makes people feel like you are a good listener. For the other aspect, shape of eyes, it may be improved through making up. Use eyeliner to highlight your eyes so that they will be more distinct. It is a way of attaching importance on your eyes. You also widen your eyes by eye lining. That's the most important two tips to make your eye noticeable. I hope it helps.