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David garcia


How can i tell if tiffany sunglasses are authentic?

Is there any good any to identify real tiffany sunglasses? Before i make buy them, i want to know how to know if they are fake or real?
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  • Andrew


    Actually, Tiffany is an international luxury and jews brand, which was founded in the US as early as 1837. Indeed, nowadays there are loads and loads of fake sunglasses of Tiffany in the marketplace and for most of the time people would be tricked. However, there are always ways to identify whether it is true or not. Maybe you should check the quality and the certificate, better yet, contact their customer service department to help you.
  • walkamong123


    Yeah, several simple methods can be used to identify the real characters of tiffany sunglasses. First of all, you could check the brand printed on the frame. It should be smooth. Then you should check the detailed manual workship from the small points. Last of all, you could wear to feel the comfort. If it is fake, all above aspect may have the flaw.
  • Alexia charles


    Well, to spot the fake triffany sunglasses, there are many tips which you can follow. First, as we know that they are founded in New York in 1837 as a stationary goods store. You can know it is a brand from america. So you can check the label which can be written with "made in america ". Then, you can also Look for the "Tiffany & Co." emboss on the piece of sunglasses that you have chosen for purchase. Finally, this is the most effective way you can have a try. You can just click into the official website of Tiffany & Co., pull out the specific model image from its item range and make an apple to apple comparing of the two. In this way, it is easy to distinguish if they are authentic or not. By the way, you should know that Tiffany is very famous for their high quality and craftsmanship in any of the products. So maybe you can buy ones.

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