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Lynn Sherrill


Is hakim optical a good place to buy eyeglasses?

I am about to buy new prescription glasses because my glasses were broken yesterday. Have you bought glasses from hakim optical? Do you think it is good place where i can buy glasses?
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  • Maria Upyr


    Stay away from Hakim Optical
  • Michelle


    Yeah, the hakim optical is such a good place that sells the eyeglasses. The service there is good. From the saying of people who have bought the eyeglasses there,the quality is so durable that can be worn for many years. Thus, you just put a relax and go to buy the new prescription eyeglasses.
  • Mya


    I never bought eyeglasses at hakim optical. But i heard from one of my friend. He said he has a wonderful experience getting glasses at Hakim. They provide excellent service to help you choose the proper eyeglasses. Besides, their eyeglasses are not expensive. So, you can just go ahead and have a try. Goo luck.
  • Dip


    Yes, of course it is a good place to buy glasses. There are many types and options you can choose from them. And of course, their products are of good quality, so many people appreciate it. What's more, if you have some problems about glasses, they give you some advices, and even can repair it for you when your warranty is not out of time. By the way, the prices are very available. Anyway, you can just go and check the products on the official website.
  • walkn0nsunshine


    Yes of course, I have heard about that, since it is quite famous for its wide range of products on offer. As a matter of fact, it has become a large eyewear retailer in the world. Personally speaking, they are a good option for eye glasses despite that they are inferior to Walmart, however, their products and service are not to be underestimated. Hope you get what you want there.

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