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How to avoid raccoon eyes while tanning?

I am going to be tanning outside and i am new at tanning. I know some people get raccoon eyes after tanning. Is there any good way to keep from getting raccoon eyes in a tanning bed?
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  • Tatiana


    When people tan in a tanning bed, they need to wear a pair of goggles or something like that to protect their eyes since the ultraviolet rays are harmful and may damage or burn their eyes. So that, it is possible for them to get reccoon eyes after tanning, in order to avoid it, here are some tips you can try: 1. Read the instructions carefully and follow the proper way to wear the protective goggles. 2. Reposition the goggles during the tanning every 1~2 minutes. You can try to move the goggles slightly down or up over your eyes, but do not remove them away from your eyes.It is an important step so that you will not get obvious mark around your eyes by moving them every 1~2 minute. 3.It is important that you could not remove your goggles over your eyes completely which will do harm to your eyes.
  • Jennifer


    Tanning becomes more and more popular these years. And the brown complexion receives a lot of welcome among the young people. However, you should better wear a pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes from the strong light which may also protect your eyes from getting the raccoon eyes. And you'd better choose one pair of sunglasses with good coating quality.
  • Katelyn owen


    The best cheap way to avoid raccoon while tanning is wearing sunglasses. Choose a pair of sunglasses, they can shield your eyes from UV rays from the sun. Besides, they can also reduce the strong sunlight so as to provide you better vision. If you buy polarized sunglasses, They can also filter glares fro your eyes. And wraparound sunglasses are recommend for you when you enjoy tanning. Good luck.
  • Robert


    Well, generally speaking, it is kind of dangerous to have tanning. To protect your eyes from raccoon eyes, there are some tips you can follow. For example, you should find a waterproof foundation in the color of your tan or one shade lighter. So that your eyes are lighter than the rest of your face, so going one shade lighter is optional. Also, you can put some powder over the foundation to help seal and set it. You should know that it is a translucent powder. As we know that if you do not take some proper protection, ultraviolet rays from a tanning bed can invade through your eyelids. In that way, it can damage the cornea, lens and retina. In some serious situation, they can also lead to Cataracts and even blindness.