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Paige williams


Is witch hazel good for eye bags?

One of my classmates told that witch hazel is good for our eye health. Can witch hazel work on eye bags under my eyes?
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  • Luis williams


    Yes, the use of witch hazel will be good for your bags under the eyes. It has many functions, such as moisturizing and whitening function. It can promote the lymphatic blood circulation, especially overcoming the morning eye bags and black rim under the eyes. In addition, the witch hazel has the improvements that can effectively help skin regeneration and remove eye bags to relax. It is really helpful for oily skin or allergic skin. The excellent effect the witch hazel has makes it perfect in the aspect of eliminating the eyes problems. If you have the dark circles under the eyes or the eye bags because of the lack of sleep or too much water intake before the sleep, you could use the witch hazel to help you treat this.
  • cazik


    Yes, witch hazel is very good for your eyes' health. First, you should know that witch hazel can provide astringency which is a natural anti-inflammatory. And it can shrink veins and mucous membranes, protect skin, get rid of swelling, relieve irritation, and stop discharge, and weeping. Because of their special function, Witch hazel can also help get rid of the swelling, irritation, and occasional discharge in eyes, especially the eye bags. So maybe you can just have a try. It will not only do a good job to your skin, but also to your eyes. Nowadays, it can be made in cream and many other products.


    Yes, witch hazel work on eye bags under eyes. Witch hazel is one of effective component of skin care products. It contains amount of tannic acid and flavonoids. It is suitable to relieve fatigue of our eyes and eliminate the discomfort of our eyes. Moreover, using witch hazel can also avoid eyes dropsy and inflammation. It has effect of compact dynamism of our skin and is good to remove eye bags under eyes. If you want to use witch hazel to work on your eye bags, you should apply some around your eyes and use them day and light. Before you use them, make sure you may not allergy to it.