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Jade scott


Can i really get pink eye from someone farting on my pillow?

Will i get pink eye if someone farted on my pillow? If so, what should i do?
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  • Andri


    As we know, that pink eyes are caused by eye infection including bacteria, viruses, allergic reaction and chemical irritation etc. From this is point, you may possible to get pink eyes from some farting on your pillow. If it carries some bacteria on your pillow, It may transmit into your eyes thus to cause pink eyes. But i think this situation is rare.
  • Jeff


    Commonly known pink eye is infectious conjunctivitis, also called outbreak. It is an acute infectious ophthalmia according to different causes, divided into bacterial conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis. It often happens all the year round in spring season. The pink eyes can be infected through contact with eye disease, such as contacting patients with the same towel or using the tap water of swimming pool. It is infectious.Thus, there is a great possibility for you to get the pink eyes through using the pillow that the person with pink eyes uses. You'd better go to see the doctor and accept the treatment as soon as possible.
  • John C.


    Nope, it would not cause pink eye. Pink eye is mainly caused by infecting of viruses, bacteria from outside environment. Farting is a common condition in daily life, it exists as gas that are similar as air, there is no any bacteria or virus in it. However, you can get pink eye due to the unclean pillow itself instead of someone farting on it. The best way to relieve pink eye is you had better utilize Similasan Allergy Eye Relief eye drops that is a OTC medication to drop into pink eye, you should replace your pillow as well. And remember do not let any one else to do anything on your pillow any more.
  • Jerry


    whoa, it is quite funny to have known that kind of news to be honest. So, hypothetically, there is someone bastard who just farted on your pillow and you are afraid you might be infected and get pink eyes. However, the gas does not contain toxic chemicals, but they really stink! My advice for you is to relieve and do not worry too much. Perhaps you should just wash your pillow well, better yet, change one, and see if you really have pink eyes, if so, just get some drops to help.

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