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What are best sunglasses for thick eyebrows?

My eyebrows are thick and now i am looking for stylish sunglasses to make me look better. What sunglasses are best for people with think eyebrows like me?
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  • Logan hall


    I think you can use the make up to beatify the thick eyebrows. And you'd better not to choose the big frame sunglasses which may let your eyebrows look too thick. You could choose the sunglasses with thick lenses. Usually the round lenses ones will make you look nice and fashionable.
  • Shelby


    Personally, there is little matters of your eyebrows of choosing sunglasses. You shall choose sunglasses mostly depend on your face shape and your personal style. And the general rule is choosing sunglasses that contrast your face shape. And thinking of your thick eyebrows, you shall choose thin framed sunglasses that may match you. Hope this help you.
  • Sig


    Well, in my opinion, there is nothing to do with the brand which you will pick, but with the frames you will choose. So you should just choose the frames with the right styles and right colors. Generally speaking, I think black or some other dark colored and thick old-style frames would look awesome and make your eyes look good. If you try them, maybe get your eyebrows thinned and shaped slightly. So you can just have a try. Besides, you can also go and consult this problem with the glasses stores. They have some professional persons who can give you the advices.
  • Randa Fritch


    For the thick eyebrow people, there's no need to worry about which sunglasses suite you. Most of the sunglasses are big enough to hide the eye as well as the eyebrows. If you want to hide your eyebrow, dark colored sunglasses will be recommended. Any style will be good for you to try, be brave please! The eyebrow people are sexy and special, the sunglasses will make you feel more attraction really!