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Lynn Sherrill


Can flying cause retinal detachment?

Does anyone know if flying can lead to retinal detachment or not?
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  • bell


    No, flying can't cause retinal detachment. If you had retinal detachment before, you should pay attention. When the plane takes off or land, you should fasten your seat belt to avoid your head shakes badly and lead to retinal detachment. Retinal detachment is usually caused by high myopia or external injury. So you don't need to worry too much.
  • John


    In my personal opinion I would say yes. I have had two separate retinal detachments during international flights but no specialist wants to say it's related to the pressure or the flight, So it's a down hill battle.
  • Anna


    Well, in some degree, flying can lead to retinal detachment. For example, if you are flying, you will make your eyes suffer from many difficult and dangerous problems, such as the eye strains. As we know that because of the gravity, the plane can give you a kind of pressure on your eyes, when it takes off. So that can lead to eye strains and also can be possible to have retinal detachment. Anyway, it can be dangerous. And also, there are many other factors which can lead to retinal detachment, such as eye injury. But on the other hand, most people with detached retina risk factors will not develop a detached retina. So you should not worry about it too much. And it is possible that people without risk factors will develop a retinal detachment. If you have some questions about retinal detachments, you can talk with your doctor. He or she can recommend detached retina symptoms to watch for and a schedule for regular eye exams.
  • Renato Tellez


    Yes it does! my mom just had a detachment after a flight and another person that I know had a permanent hearing loss after a flight, I'm pretty sure it's because of the variations of pressure in the airplane, as the eye and little organs are very delicate are also easy to get damaged specially when atmospheric pressure it's involved as it sucks or pushes inward the eyeball or any soft tissue by common sense. there should be more regulations about the pressure control in flights all over the world.
  • Wendy


    No, Retinal detachment is that the retina peels away from its underlying layer of supports tissue. And serious retinal detachment may cause vision loss and blindness. And retinal detachments often occurs to people with severe myopia. Because people with severe myopia have longer eyeballs with thinner retinas that are more prone to detaching. If you have severe myopia and often enjoy some strength sports, it will cause retinal detachments. But i never heard that flying can cause retinal detachments.