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Jason warren


I got lacquer thinner in my eye,what to do ?

I get a bit of lacquer thinner into my eyes. I feel really bad. What shall i do? How can i treat it?
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  • evelyn12


    First of all, you should use clean flowing water to wash the lacquer thinner out of the eyes. Then you fill a washbasin with clean water, and dip your head into the washbasin to let your eyes be soaked by the water. And then you use your hands to open your eyes and rotate the eyeballs so as to clean the eyes as well as the eyelids and so on. After doing this, you should use a clean towel or a piece of facial tissue to wipe dry your face and eyes. With all theses done, you should go to the doctor's for medical treatments, because ther may be some poisonous chemicals in the lacquer thinner which can still damage your eyes after cleaning. The doctor may prescrib some antibiotic eye drops or oculentum for you. Besides, you had better wear a pair of sunglasses when you have to go out in the open on a sunny, in case that you eyes get irritated again by strong lights or polluted air.
  • b3autyqu33n22


    Yeah, I also went through that once in my life. I felt awful at that time and it just burnt my eyes like the hell. I thought I would go blind forever. So I rush to the hospital in no time. Lucky for me, the doctor treated me very immediately and I was fine in a few days. Also, the doctor told me to rinse my eyes right away next time. He told me that this could help me relieve my eye pain and removed lacquer thinner out of my eyes to some extent. Just don' t panic at first.

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