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Randa Fritch


Can smoking weed cause visual snow ?

Is it possible to get visual snow from smoking weed? How can smoking weed affect on our vision?
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  • Derek T.


    There are many suspectable reasons for getting visual snow, among which takings drugs such as smoking weed is a main suspect. This is because that smoking weed can paralyse the peripheral nervous system, leading to neurological disorder which can cause the symptoms of visual snow such as seeing thickly dotted spots. In addition, smoking weed can also do much damage to the organism immune system, making the immunocom promise to the cells as well as the body fluid, which make the human body quite easily infected by viruses or bacteria, thus offering a chance to the causes of visual snow. Therefore, people should not do smoking weed for the sake of their own health.
  • crazyuglycoyote


    Well, in my opinion, smoking can just lead to visual snow. So anyway, you should give up smoking, or it will just make the situation more and more serious. Generally speaking, when you smoke, it will make bilirubin, which is a byproduct of old red blood cells, cannot be filtered by the liver as efficiently. So in this way, visual snow can be possible. And vision snow can be very annoying and dangerous. On the other hand, by smoking, there are also some long term effects. For example, it can lead to lazy eyes, and hearing loss. And also, it can degrade the night vision. Anyway, it can be kind of dangerous.