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Jada shelley


Can kidney disease cause cataracts?

Is it possible to get cataracts due to kidney disease? If so, How can i treat my cataracts?
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  • Robert


    Unfortunately, that is the case. I guess you have heard the cataracts accompanied with diabetes led by kidney problems. In fact, it's not only the kidney problems but also other visceras' problems can cause the eye problem as the visceras like kidney determine the condition of eye blood provision. Despite the operation, you have to fix your kidney first. Diets like animal pluck can help.You' d better drink some tea and increase the intake of food that are rich in vitaminC and microelement. Hope that will help.
  • Eric quick


    Generally speaking, kidney disease is not possibly to cause cataracts, but the hormones for treating the nephritis syndromes can to some extent lead to cataracts. In this case, you had better go to the doctor's to consult about whether you should stop taking the hormones or not. In your daily life, you had better not go to where there is strong light or sunshine in case of worsening your cataracts. Besides, you should supplement many vitamins to prevent the crystalline lenses from getting aged and degenerated.
  • Ethan edward


    Well, yes, kidney problems can lead to some eye problems, such as cataracts. So you should be careful about it. Generally speaking, some chronic kidney problems can be serious that it will just lead to some eye problems, such as cataracts, dark circles, and dry eyes. To treat cataracts occurred by kidney problems, you can just take some foods which are rich in vitamin a. Also, some researches have reported that supplementing with lutein can be good for cataracts, and it will improve visual function in cataract sufferers and may slow the progression of the cataracts. By the way, you should know that cataracts are caused by progressive degeneration of the proteins that make up the lens of the eye, which eventually results in clouding of the lens.