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Why do middle aged people need reading glasses ?

I noticed that most of middle aged people wearing reading glasses. Why? What makes them wearing reading glasses?
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  • Mariah


    As people are getting older, their lenses in the eyes are getting stiff. When they have reached their mid-life, their eye lenses are stiff enough to prevent them from concentrating on close things. This condition is called presbyopia. However, they can still see the object far away from them clearly. So they need a pair of reading glasses to assist them to focus on near objects on the retina. There are two types of reading glasses: full frames and half-eyes. The full frames are helpful for the wearers who focus on close objects for a long time. The reading glasses wearers can see close objects as well as distant ones through half-eyes. People who have never worn glasses before should start with reading glasses instead of bifocals or no-line progressive lenses.
  • Tyler charles


    reading glasses, also called presbyopia glasses, are mainly intended for people who get presbyopia that is common among the group of middle aged people. Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, not a eye disease, and it does not only happen to the elderly, either. When people get forty years old or more, their crystalline lenses will gradually get hardening fibres, and the ciliaris gradually get paralysis, which make the human eyes unable to effectively adjust the shape of the eyeballs. Therefore, the only way to see clearly the things in a near distance is to adjust the distance between the eyes and the objects by wear a pair of reading glasses. This kind of eye condition is called presbyopia. And there is another important thing to pay attention to is that the original prescription of the reading glasses will be not enough any more with the increasing age. Therefore, a pair of reading glasses can not be worn for all the time, and it is necessary to regularly take eye examinations to make sure the exact prescription of the eyes. Otherwise wearing the wrong reading glasses can bring much inconvenience to the life and accelerate the speed of the eye aging.
  • fergus


    Well, yes, actually old people have to wear reading glasses to have reading. And we can say that they get presbyopia, which is a condition, caused by aging. When old people get this kind of disease, it will be difficult to read small words at close distances or to work on the computer for long periods of time. Of course, the most common reason why people get presbyopia, it can be related to aging. According to some researches, age-related changes will occur within the proteins in the lens, and then, it will make the lens harder and less elastic over time. That is why when we get older, the presbyopia will occur and it may become worse. And then, reading glasses are needed to have reading.