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Does smoking make pink eye worse?

Can i smoke when i have pink eyes? Or smoking can make my pink eyes more serious?
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  • chris_nubelle


    When people get red eyes, it is better for them not to smoke. Even if the patient is a heavy smoker, he or she had better stop smoking for a period, becuase keeping smoking is not good for the red eyes,and it will easily make the recurrence of the inflammation. The chemicals contained in the cigarettes are very irritative, as well as the smoke produced, all of which can irritate and worsen the conditions of the red eyes. Therefore, people with red eyes should not smoke. Instead, they should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, drink more water, take good rest, and so on.
  • Alexander


    Smoking will not make pink eye worse, for pink eye is caused by eye infection from bacteria or virus. However, you should avoid smoking if you have pink eye. When you are smoking, the air around you will be full of particles from the smoke. These particles will irritate your eyes and lead to comfortable feelings. Besides, the smoke can dry your eyes, which will also bother you much. To prevent pink eye from getting worse, you should keep a good hygienic habit by washing your hands regularly, avoiding touching your eyes and using your own articles of everyday use. Isolation at home is necessary. Make sure that you do not miss any dose of eye drops or follow the instruction of your doctor strictly. By doing so, your pink eye will not get worse.
  • Barbara Mellon


    As a patient with pink eyes, I think you should know that you'd better avoid heat to relieve the discomfort(such as tearing). Although there's no direct link between smoking and your eye problem, I have to warn you it does harm to the condition. First of all, smoking can barrier the vitamins intaking which is very important in corneal epithelium recovering. Also the smog from the smoking can carry some unknown bacterias that may lead to inflammation in your eyes which will make things worse. What's more, as the smog can hurt our crystalline lens, that's why smokers are easier to get cataract than nonsmokers. Hope that will help you.

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