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How long does visual snow last ?

I may get visual snow. How can i remove it? How long does it last?
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  • elen_t


    Well, first, you should know that visual snow will be like static in parts of or the whole of your visual field. And also, visual snow can be any color but it usually consists of small, translucent dots whose flicker intensity varies from person to person. In common, visual snow can go away in about one week. Of course, you can have some ways to treat it. For example, you can have some ice under your eyes, to treat the red eyes because of visual snow. And that can be very effective. By the way, you should know that floaters, light sensitivity, red eyes will occur because of visual snow. So you need be careful about it.
  • Brandon cook


    Visual snow usually refers to the symptoms that when people are watching things, they could see thickly dotted spots, especially at the time of watching the skies at night, or the dark places after the light is turned off. The reasons that cause the visual snow are still under discussion, whlie there are many highly suspectable causes such as abnormity in the eyeballs, migraine, irritated optic center or visual pathway, taking ecstasy, taking antibiotic, antimelancholic, cordial and so on. How long exactly the visual snow could last also depends on many factors, such as individual immunity, personal health condition, and so on. Visual snow can be as temporary as just for several days, as well as long-lasting. If people get visual snow, they should first go to the ophthalmology to make sure there is no abnormity on the fundus. If the fundus is fine, then there might not be serious conditions, and the visual snow will not affect the eyesight. Clonazepam can be a preferred medicine for people to get rid of visual snow. In addition, do not be restless with anxiety if you get visual snow, instead, you should calm down and keep in a good mood, which can be great helpful in treating visual snow.

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