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Luke oliver


How can i make my eyes look more blue?

I love blue eyes. What can i do to make my eyes look more blue? Any good idea?
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  • cazik


    Well, looks like you want to find some ways to make your eyes appear blue. So, in fact ,there are no natural ways to get it done, unless you originally have blue eyes. In that case, you should avoid red eyes or something. But if you don't have inborn blue eyes, the only thing you could do is to wear colored contact lenses, and they are basically safe to wear.
  • Zachary


    If you want your eyes look more blue, the best easy way is to wear colored contact lenses. And you need buy a pair of blue colored contact lenses. Even if you have perfect vision, you can choose non prescription blue colored contact lenses. Besides, you can also take makeup way to make your eyes look more blue. In detail, you shall choose browns, golds and copper colors when applying eye makeup, including eye shadow and eyeliner. what's more, use bold lipstick color is also a good way to help you.
  • Benjamin gary


    Yes, the blue eyes are so attractive that may be shining. If you want to make your eyes look blue, you could wear the blue colored contact lenses which may make your eyes look shining and big. You could go to the online store to have a buy because the price there is suitable.

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