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How to remove toric contact lenses easily?

How to remove toric contact lenses easily? Is it similar with removing regular contacts?
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  • hill


    As we know that toric contact lenses are made for people who have astigmatism. They are similar to regular contact lenses. And the only differences is the shape. You shall learn to remove contact lenses right. First of all, you shall wash your hands and dry them. Then, use your thumb and index finger to hold and pull down your lower eyelid gently. So, you can see the lower edge of the contact lenses. Then you can rasie your eyes upward and touch the index finger of your other hand to the lower edge of the toric lens, and slide the lenses downward gentlly.
  • Daniel christian


    First of all, wash your hands clean before removing toric contact lenses. Next, open the contact lens case and rinse them with the solution and then put the new contact lens solution into it in order to store the contact lenses overnight. Then sit in front of a mirror and bend your head forward. Use a finger to slide one toric contact lens from your eyeball to the white part of your eye. And then use your thumb and index finger to take the toric contact lens out of your eye. Finally, clean the lens and store it in the solution.

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