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How to choose football goggles for kids?

My child is a football fan and I decide to get him a pair of football goggles in case him getting injury. How to choose football goggles for kids?
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  • Otis Crockett


    The same as you choose goggles for adult, you still need to choose the most durable frames and lenses for the football goggles, Besides, since kid are very delicate of their body, you need choose football goggles as light weight as possible. So, football goggles made of polycarbonate materials are recommended for kids. Besides, the football goggles also require UV protections to their eyes.
  • ellochkablecy


    When you go to choose football googles for your kids, you should consider whether they are safe to kids. First of all, football goggles should have 100% UV protetcion so that they can protect kids' eyes from harmful UV rays. Next, football goggles for kids should be made of durable materials. The most durable material for lens is polycarbonate which is much more durable and lightweight than other plastic. Besides, they are impact resistant so that they can hardly get shattered.
  • Shirley


    It's good that kids like to play football. A pair of goggles is necessary. Football goggles should be made of sturdy frames, titanium or flexible plastic preferred. Lenses should be polycarbonate. It also has to be relatively large to cover up most of their face to protect accidental injuries and fine dust from harming eyes.