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Which colored contact lenses are most comfortable?

I have been wearing Freshlook contact lenses for many years but now my eyes seem to get irritated. I want to change for another brand. Which colored contact lenses are most comfortable?
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  • elbcoastboy


    Since your eyes wearing contact lenses for many years and now irritated, you'd better stop wearing any brands of contact lenses for the sake of your eye health because contacts are likely to make your irritated more worse. If you really like contact lenses, you'd better wait for your eyes recover from health. Besides, A specific brand that is the most comfortable for one person may not be suitable at all. Each brands fits a group of people, not for all. So, you shall try yourself.
  • Alexander


    That depends on yourself. Some people think Freshlook is very uncomfortable because they often get dry eyes and irritation in the eyes, which cause their eyes much uncomfortable. And they think Acuvue is more comfortable than Freshlook. But I think Freshlook is a good brand for colored contact lenses. They have more choices for different colors. And you can get any color you like. I have no probelm with Freshlook colored contact lenses. However, you should see your doctor and he will know which one will suit you best.
  • Eddy Stockwell


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