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Are white sunglasses fashionable this summer?

I have a pair of white framed sunglasses bought last year and it is like the style from 60s. Are they fashionable this summer?
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  • Paul Hathone


    In 2012, retro vintage style sunglasses till in the fashion. So, a pair of elegant 60s style white sunglasses help you keep in fashion only if the sunglasses compliment you. In order to look fashion and unique, you shall wear properly. Though white color is easy to match for many colored clothes, you'd wear white clothes or white striped clothes so as to get a proper and fashion look.
  • walkdawalk23


    Of course, they are fashionable in this summer. I've seen many women wearing white sunglasses on the street. And they look very attractive and charming with those white sunglasses on. Some girls with white sunglasses on look very cute. Even some celebrities prefer wearing white sunglasses. You can also wear white sunglasses as long as they look good on you. Though it is the style from 60s, it becomes fashionable again in recent years.
  • Werner


    Sunglass is a fashionable item for everyone to buy in summer. The style of the sunglass is quite important, as well as the colors. When buying a pair of sunglass, people tend to choose the ones in dark colors, for they think dark colors are more functional in warding off UV. However, dark colors maybe a little heavy for summer. This year, bright color is quite in fashion, such as white, yellow, pink and blue. Wearing a pair of sunglass in bright colors helps to make us look more energetic and refreshing in the hot summer. Therefore, you can definitely choose a pair of white sunglass.
  • Logan quick


    white sunglasses are not so fashionable this year. First of all, the white is not a color that suits everyone. It's too bright, sometimes can't make your skin look great. Secondly, it can't go well with many colors of your clothes. Here I want to recommend some tips if you insist to wear your white sunglasses. You can dress in red-and-white or white-and -black. Clothes in these colors can match your white sunglasses. Besides, the burgundy is pretty fashionable this year.

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