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What vitamins can help relieve dry eyes?

i am just wondering if there are some natural vitamins to help relieve dry eyes.
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  • evelyn


    Usually, dry eyes are caused by vitamin deficiencies, So, it is not a big problems. To treat dry eyes, Vitamin A should be taken into consideration. Obtain Vitamin A is very important for people with dry eyes. Aside from dry eyes, eat more Vitamin A can also contribute to slow macular degeneration related to age. vitamin A is useful for dry eyes because it plays a role in producing the mucous layer of tears.
  • Catherine lewis


    People with dry eyes will develop a sense of stinging or burning in their eyes. However, there are some vitamins that can help relieve from dry eyes. One type of them is Vitamin A which can treat many eye conditions like AMD, glaucoma and cataracts. Plenty of vitamin A can help prevent night blindness. Besides,vitamin A can also help relieve from dry eye because it can help produce the mucous layer of tears. Vitamin B6 can help relieve from dry eye,too. Because it can help produce teears. And vitamin F can also help ease dry eye.