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Megan W


What should I do if baby gets pink eye?

My 9-month old baby is suffering pink eye. What should I do? Any home remedy?
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  • walki


    Usually, of pink eye may caused by bacterial conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis. It is an very common eye infection among babies, children and adults. You can use Ice pack to decrease the symptom. But that cannot cure pink eyes. You'd better take her to eye doctor and get eye checked so as to know what cause her pink eyes, therefore to adopt proper measure to treat the eyes.
  • Tyler charles


    I think you should take your baby to a hospital to see a doctor. The doctor will tell you how to treat your baby's pink eye. Just follow the doctor's instructions. Don't try to deal with them on your own, or you will make it even worse. If you treat it in a wrong way, it will cause damage to your baby's eyes. I only believe the doctor's advice because he is experienced enough to deal with different eye diseases. So let the doctor test your baby's eyes and then take treatment to deal with it.