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Robert Lipman


What are the disadvantages of wearing progressive glasses?

I am deciding between bifocal glasses and progressive glasses. What are the disadvantages of wearing progressive glasses?
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  • Josh


    As we know, progressive glasses can be understand as mufti-foucs glasses that help you see distance, mid area and near subjects at one pair of lenses though you suffers several vision problems. But the lenses has very narrow vision zone for a certain of vision area. So, it is easy to get eye tired with progressive glasses when you want to focus somethings. Besides, It is also need takes some time to adapt the lenses.
  • Christian george


    Progressive lenses have different powers on the lenses, but the field of vision is narrow, so it is difficult to find the correct vision field. Some people have to turn their head to look through the correct part of the lens so that they can see things clearly. Therefore people find it difficult getting used to progressive eyeglasses. They often get dizziness, dazzling and even vomiting when they start to wear progressive glasses in the first time.