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Can rosehip oil be used for dark circles under eyes?

Is rosehip oil good for dark circles under my eyes? If so, what are benefits of rosehip oil for dark circles?
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  • coppercoconut19


    The reason of dark circle under your eyes may be congestion of blood capillary around your eyes. Frequently stay up late, emotional instability, eyes fatigue and aging will induce the circulation of blood slowing down, the erythrocyte (red cell)'s oxygen supply reduce, the carbon dioxide and metabolic waste accumulation, the blood around your eyes lack of oxygen, the blood congest and pigmentation of eyes blood will be happen. However, any essential oil would not be good to apply on your eyes. The rosehip oil's main function is to diminish inflammation and sterilization. The skin around the eyes is very subtle and sensitive, the essential oil will form fat granule and put overload to the skin around eyes. If you really want something to use, special eye cream will be recommended. You may use make up to hide black eye, but the skin care product must be the one without stimulation and natural. The real pure plant and no additives skin cream is packed in sterile tiny packages. You need to be prudent to choose the products. Cold compresses and hot packs are useful for you to cure your eyes in a physical way at first; it will help your eyes blood vessel contract, then blood circulation will increase to make your eye recover. You would better not to use any oil to form fat granule and put overload to the skin around eyes. The care of eyes will not be the oil or something apply to your eyes, but a good life rule, and if you insist it, the effect will be appear in a long run.
  • Sally


    Rosehip contains Vitamin C 20 times more than Lemon does. Always use rosehip can prevent from getting cold and keep skin smooth and dedicate. Some cosmetic factories use it as ingredient to make eyecreams mainly to heal dark circles. It especially good for those who always stay up late and with lax eye skin.
  • Brittany green


    Yes, it is very good for the dark circles under eyes. As we know that rosehip oil is very famous for its function of making the skin smooth. And also it can do a help to the appearance. So many women very like it. But on the other hand, because of its special ingredients such as vitamin e and k, it can also be effective on your dark circles. So just buy some products which are made of rosehip and apply it around your eyes. I think it can be very effective. While, you should also know that drinking alcohol can make your dark circles worse. So just give up. You can put some cool teabags on your eyes. In that way, your symptom can be relieved.
  • Alexander


    Rosehip oil is made from rosehip fruit. it contains rich vitamin C. Besides, Rosehip oil also contains vitamin A, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, linolenic acids, and linolenic etc. So, Rosehip oil is a good choices to help people with wrinkles and dark circles. It can help to reduce the crow's feet around the eyes and also cure the dark circles by regular apply them.