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How to Prevent Macular Degeneration Naturally?

I have macular degeneration. But it is not very serious. Some people told me that I can prevent macular degeneration by keeping a healthy diet. Really? What can I eat to prevent macular degeneration naturally?
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  • Gabriel leonard


    You can take vitamin pills and fish oil to prevent macular degeneration for both of them is good for our eyes. I also heard that the person who has a family history of macular degeneration is at higher risk to get this kind eye disease. But you can change your habits to nurture a good healthy habit and then prevent eye disease from happening. If you are a heavy smoker, you can give up smoking. Every time when you went out, you can wear a pair of sunglasses.
  • constans


    Dear friend, keeping a healthy diet can be a good way to prevent macular degeneration naturally. If you are not a picky eater, you can all kinds of healthy foods to provide your eyes with plenty of nutrients and this is good for the development of our eyes and prevents further disorder of our eyes. You can eat more fruits that contain large quantity of vitamins and green leafy vegetables.