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What Causes Itchy Eyes and Throat ?

I have itchy eyes and itchy throat. I don't know why. Can you tell me what may cause itchy eyes and itchy throat? How to relieve them?
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  • Danielle


    There are many possible causes for your itchy eyes and itchy throat. An eye infection may lead to itchy eyes. If you play computer for a long time, you may suffer from dry and itchy eyes. If you are under such circumstances, you can apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyes. As to your itchy throat, you can drink plenty of water. If we talk too much, we may suffer from these symptoms. You will recover soon if you drink enough water and stop talking.
  • Michelle percy


    Dear friend, you may catch a cold recently. I will have itchy throat when I get a cold. You can see a doctor immediately for some checks and medicines. The inflammation caused by a cold will lead to itchy throat. You can't eat spicy foods or take drinks in recent days. And you'd better give up smoking at the same time if you are a heavy smoker.

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