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Where are police sunglasses made? Where to buy?

I'm looking for good brand of sunglasses and now i want to buy police sunglasses. Do you guys know what country are they made in? Where can i find them?
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  • Alexia gerard


    The police sunglasses are made in Italy. They are good brand sunglasses. The design is fashionable and the quality is so durable that can be worn for many years. If you want to buy one, you could go to the amazon to have a look. The price there is suitable.
  • Jose joyce


    Well, first you should know that police sunglasses are a brand which is famous for its unique style. As we know that striking qualities, passions, occupations and an extremely original sense of styles are the basic principles. They are made in Italy and have market all around the world. And of course, you can go to the official stores to buy them, but in my opinion, you can buy them on online shop, which can be as good as the real stores, but they are cheaper. For example, you can buy them at They will provide you many styles so that you can choose. And also, the prices of police sunglasses vary from 100 dollars to 170 dollars.
  • Alexander


    Well, let me give you a brief introduction to the brand ok? As a matter of fact, they sound like American, however, it is an Italian brand founded in 2000. And of course they are made in Italy. Actually, currently it is not widely known and sold. You don't have much access to them, so if you are going to buy them, you will have to buy through mail order, just visit their official website.
  • Mary masanegra


    It is good product