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Are there glasses for colorblind people?

Are there any eyeglasses that are special designed for colorblind people? If so, where can i get it?
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  • enigma_g


    Yes, there are some eyeglasses that special designed for colorblind people. The Tustin, California, company developed the eyeglasses, and became one of the first optometrists to both wear and prescribe them to improve colorblindness. Also, the EnChroma Glasses have special Lenses that designed for colorblind people. Here is the link:
  • Thomas keith


    Indeed,there are kinds of eyeglasses special designed for colorblind people,and they do work to help colorblind people have a colorful sense of sight more or less. However, the technique applied to parctice in the field of eyeglasses is not mature enough to solve the colorblind problem remarkably. Moreover, it's quite infrequent to get them from optical stores. Or you can also search eyeglasses specially designed for colorblind people online. Good luck.
  • chained_destiny


    I can assure you that, there are indeed some specially designed glasses for those who are colorblind. According to relevant experiment, such kind of glasses could help to fix their problems to some extent. There are lots of places where you can find them. Local optical stores, large optical hospitals, even from the Internet. It's not a problem, what matters is to find the right type for you.