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Can lack of sleep cause pink eye?

Every time when i lack of sleep, my eyes will appear red. But the red eyes can clear up after i have a good rest. Is that pink eyes? Can lack of sleep cause pink eye?
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  • Alexander david


    Yes, lack of sleep will affect the blood circulation of eyes, and then lack of oxygen may lead to your eyes feel uncomfortable. Lack of blinking of eyes will also lead to dry eyes, it will also cause the burning when you wake up in the morning. This symptom may cause by excessive eyes using. The decrease of blink times will cause lack of tear hyposecretion that lead to dry eyes and visual fatigue. This time you need artificial tears to relief the dry eyes and have a good rest after that. Eyes is very important organ to your life, with 80%'s information is absorbed by your windows of your heart. Long time eye use will cause vision problems such as myopia, glaucoma, cataract etc.  However, as for the pink eyes, this is another eyes disease. It is totally different from the red eyes that caused from lack of sleep. Pink eye is the common name of the disease infectious conjunctivitis. It is an acute infectious eye inflammation which possibly infected through articles contacts of patients, including used towels, door knobs, water faucets, swimming pool water, public toys etc. This disease would happen all the year around but especially find more in spring and summer in public places. So it usually easy to outbreaks in kindergarten, school, hospital, factory and so on. The age range of patients are from infants of several months up to eighty even ninety years’ old people. As a word, lack of sleep can not cause pink eyes.
  • Shelby rodney


    Well, generally speaking ,there are various causes giving rise to red or pink eyes. Or perhaps you have mistaken your symptoms for pink eyes. Sometimes different problems have some same symptoms. If your so called red eyes could be relieve after getting enough sleep, then it is probably not pink eyes. Generally speaking, pink eyes are infectious and would not be cured very soon.
  • Gabriel leonard


    I think you have confused the red eyes with pink eyes. Pink eye is acute bacteria conjunctivitis and it has a powerful infectivity. According to what you have said, the red eyes are caused by lack of sleep, in other words, you have overused your eyes. To avoid the eye strain, you should take an appropriate rest, such as having a rest for five minutes after working one hour. More important thing is to replenish water to the eyes in time in order to ensure your eyes lasting moist, thus you can drip some eyedrops. In addition, you need to replenish your eyes with indispensable vitamin and mineral substance by eating more coarse food grain, coarse cereals, vegetables, fruits, beans, etc.

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