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Ryan evelyn


Does anyone know who makes prada sunglasses?

i love prada stuff and i really want to know who makes prada sunglasses. Thank in advance.
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  • Theresa M


    It is Mario-Prada that creates the Prada sunglasses. As we know, the prada sunglasses are made in Italy. As one of the best designer sunglasses, the prada sunglasses receive a lot of population among the young people. Because of the good quality and excellent design, they are worthy to own.
  • Lauren


    Prada sunglasses is just one type of products of Prada S.p.A. Prada is an Italian fashion label specializing in luxury goods for men and women. It was founded by Mario Prada in 1913. Now, Prada products are sold in many countries. But most of their products are luxury goods. So, their products including Prada sunglasses are expensive.
  • Shelby rodney


    Actually, prada sunglasses are very popular in men and women. They are made in Italy. They are timeless and fashionable all the time. According to many users, they are one of the brands which can have a good balance between function and styles. So it will be a good choice for you to buy a pair of it even though they are expensive. To tell if your Prada sunglasses are real or fake, the first thing you can do is to check yours spells PRADA not PRADO. This is one common detail that buyers overlook. Also, you can go to the website to see if yours is a real one. In addition, PRADA won't compromise its name, it will surely products that are of quality.
  • constans


    Well, you should get to know that Prada is an international luxury brand which was founded by Prada in Milan in 1913, who dedicated his whole life to making luxuries and sell them to other people who care for them. Since then, it fought to take up a proportion in the fashion industry. Actually, it boosts a high reputation among the upper class and royal circle. Now it has many co-producers in the world , including Chinese partners.

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