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Is eyemasters a good place to buy prescription glasses?

Do you think eyemasters is a good place to buy prescription glasses? Have you bought glasses at eyemasters? What do you think of eyemasters ?
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  • Kate


    Yeah, the eyemasters is really a good place to buy the prescription eyeglasses. Before you order the eyeglasses, there will be a full eye exam to make sure of your prescription. The quality of eyeglasses there is good and the design choice is various. It is worthy to buy one eyeglasses at eyemasters.
  • Alexandria


    Personally, it is OK to buy eyeglasses at eyemaster. They can provide your the proper prescription eyeglasses according to your vision requirements. But i think it is a bit expensive. Sometimes, i prefer to order prescription eyeglasses online for cheap prices and nice look frames. Of course, you must be care for ordering eyeglasses online. Till now, i prefer to buy eyeglasses here at because they can provide me what i want from eyeglasses and only cost less amount of money.
  • Anita


    One of my friend bought prescription on Eyemasters online last week,she said it's quiet convenient, and there is an event recently,you can have a try then decide. Eyemasters Ltd launches the first online eyecare consulting service. It is the first of its kind in cyber medicine in this part of the globe. Clients are expected to call any of the doctors on duty for consultation via skype. Doctors will question and observe patients via video calls and where necessary connect patients to our oversea doctors through conferencing. This unique service will be starting by march 1st 2012 and has been reported as a break through, cutting edge technology in eyecare by industry experts.This service will be provided free of charge and will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 11am.

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