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Do I still need wear glasses after cataract surgery?

I am going to have cataract surgery, and I wonder if i still need wear glasses after that?
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  • emptybot


    The cataract surgery can change the focus of the eye. So, a pair of new spectacles may be required if the eye has fully recovered from the surgery. If the focus is set for distance vision, you may need reading glasses. If the focus set for near vision, you need prepare distant glasses. Besides, If you are multifocal lens implanted, you may not need to wear eyeglasses after the cataract surgery.
  • walkmen123


    It depends on what type of intraocular lens has been implanted in your eyes. If the focus is set for distant vision, most patients will not need glasses or contact lenses for distant work after cataract surgery. But they may need reading glasses for near tasks. However, nowadays multifocal lens implants are used by some surgeons. If you have multifocal lens implants, you may not need glasses after cataract surgery. But not all patients are suitable for multifocal lens implants.