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How to remove contact lenses if I have long nails?

How to remove contact lenses with long nails without scratching my eyes?
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  • James taylor


    Usually we will take off the contact lenses from our eyes with the tip of the thumb and the pointer finger. But, since you have long nails that prevent this. Instead, you shall sweep the side of pointer gently across the eye so that the contact is forced to bow against the inside of your thumb.Then, you can motion your pointer finger that will make the contact lenses lift off your eyes.
  • walkinginstars


    At first, you must wash your hands clean and dry them with the lint free towel. Then you can begin to remove the contact lenses. If you have long nails, you'd better not use the tip of your thumb and the pointer finger, or your contact lenses are easy to get scratches. In this case, you should use the side of the pointer finger and the thumb instead to remove your contact lenses. Just use the side of your pointer finger to touch the bottom of the lens and slide it down. At last, pick out the contact lens with the side of the pointer finger and my thumb.