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What are the treatments for chronic dry eyes?

I have chronic dry eyes and tried to use eye drops. But it can only give contemporary relieve. What are the treatments for chronic dry eyes?
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  • walkthewalk46


    Chronic dry eye can also cause eye irritation and blurred vision. The treatment for dry eyes will vary depending on the level of dry eye syndrome. Till now, most people use artificial tears or similar eye drops or ointments that simulate the action of tears, thus to keep their eyes moist. To treatment chronic dry eyes, You shall start from your daily life. In details, you shall drink plenty of water so as to keep body moisturized. Besides, try to keep away from environment of windy and dry weather. In addition, you shall eat more food that contains of vitamin A, C, and E to keep eye health. if you often watch TV or computer, you shall take take frequent breaks and blink often.
  • edward


    You can use some home remedies to treat chronic dry eyes. Try to use a hot compress on your eyes at least once a day. Then you can scrub your eyelids with baby shampoo. This way may help you relieve from dry eye. You can try this and see whether it works well on you. However, the best way to treat chronic dry eye is seeing an ophthalmologist who will take some other effective way to treat your chronic dry eye.
  • Greg Dahlen


    For me what has helped is living on milk for eight years. I find when I eat solid food my eyes hurt. But when I live on cow milk, mostly nonfat, my eyes feel okay. So basically I live 90 or 100% on cow milk, mostly nonfat. For six years living on cow milk was sufficient to deal with my eye pain. Then about two years ago I found I was tired and I couldn't shake it. So I added going to daily Catholic Mass. And that has been sufficient, the combination of going to Mass and living on cow milk is enough to keep me reasonably healthy and my eyes feeling okay without drops. I can't exactly recommend living on milk because it hasn't been proven to be a safe diet by medical authorities. But it has worked wonderfully for me, and I don't think my body works too differently than other people's.

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