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Alexander david


How to adjust memory metal glasses?

How to adjust memory metal glasses? What tools do i need to make adjustment?
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  • Nicholas carter


    To adjust your memory metal glasses, you shall prepare some necessary tools like flat-round jawed pliers, pad-angling pliers, snipe-nose pliers and/or end-piece adjusting pliers, and a multiple-head screwdriver. If you want to adjust glasses frames, you can use use two pairs of padded pliers to grip the bridge near each eyewire, then rotate the pliers in opposite directions so as to increase/decrease bridge curvature.
  • Kathleen


    Memory metal glasses refers to glasses that are made of titanium together with nickel and other metal alloys. Memory metal eyeglasses are flexible, strong and lightweight. The frames can return to their original shape after being twisted or bended. If you need to adjust the memory metal glasses, you can use gripping pliers and padded pliers to place even, steady pressure slowly in the direction needed to adjust them in place.
  • Zoe


    Memory metal is a kind of very durable material for eyeglasses frame. And in common, memory metal eyeglasses frame can back to their orginal shape if you bend them. Now, your eyeglasses frame are out of shape, you can try to bend them into shape. Since they are durable, you needn't worry about you will broke them.
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