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What are the requirements for lasik surgery?

I want to have lasik surgery but i am not sure if i can get it. What are the requirements for lasik surgery?
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  • Jade james


    Yes, there are some basic requirements for people who want to get lasik surgery. In details: You should be over 18 years. You need to have stable vision that means your prescription has been the same for at least a year. You shall be free of autoimmune disorders. The treatment of reshaping of cornea may be affected if it is abnormal or scarred. So, you shall corneas cannot be scarred or abnormal if you want to take lasik surgery.
  • walker8016


    Before you have lasik surgery, the surgeon will check your eyes to see whether you are qualified for lasik surgery. Generally speaking, if you have some conditions that are not allowed for lasik surgery, you are not a good candidate for lasik surgery. For example, if you are under 18 years old and your vision is unstabled, you are not suitable for lasik surgery. People whose corneas are abnormal or scarred, they cannot have lasik surgery. people who have eye infections, such as dry eye, eye inflammation are not qualified for lasik surgery.

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