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Why do my eyes burn when i read?

My eyes feel burning when i read book. Why? What causes it. How can i treat it?
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  • Kelly


    There can be at least three reasons for your eye-burning when you are reading: First, the overuse of eyes leading to asthenopia (visual fatigue); Second, xerophthalmia (dry eye syndrome); third, exophoria. Asthenopia is caused by a series of complex and various problems of which the continuous use of eyes without any rest or with very little rest of eyes is the main reason. You should often take some rest when have read for half an hour or so. Also too weak illumination or too small words printed on the book are also the reasons to cause eye fatigue. Make sure your reading environment is comfortable with good illumination. Xerophthalmia is caused by too little tears created by the eyes leading to syndrome of dry eyes. If serious, you had better go to the doctor's for an examination and take some medicine. Last but not least, take some foods which are good for your eyes as your everyday diet, such as blueberry, carrots and some other foods rich in carotene and vitamin A.
  • Hannah Johansson


    You might be having a problem of dry eye. It happens when there is no water content in the eyes. Drink a lot of water and include more vegetables in the diet. This will help to a certain extent. It is ideal that you go for regular eye checkups. I go to Evergreen Eye Care in Vancouver and my eyes are so happy!!
  • handshakedevon


    Did you read books so long? When the eyes continued to work for a long time, it will become tired, just like other muscles. Or are you reading in the dim light? It soon tired your eyes. When you feel your eyes are burning, please stop to ease eye fatigue. You can spend some time looking out the window of an object, or once every 15-30 minutes looking around the room. If you stop the strength of the eye after the event, the symptoms have not gone away, then you should go to an eye doctor in a timely manner.
  • manny


    You must read too much time. If you continuous read your book in a period of time without rest, it is normal to get burning eyes because of tired eyes. If you red e-book, it will be more harmful to your eyes. So, just take a break. If you just read book in a very short time buy feel burning in the eyes, you shall check your eyes right with a mirror. If your eyes are red, it may caused by infection. You'd better see a doctor soon for the sake of your eye health.
  • Alexia gerard


    Sounds like you need to make an appointment with the eye doctor and get some glasses. Eye strain will make your eyes tired, burn, dry. And because you're working harder to do something, you will get fatigued faster. When you feel you eyes are burning it means they are symptomatic of eyestrain, irritants or perhaps conjunctivitis. It happens when you are reading book or watching the screen for too long, perhaps accompanied by headaches. As a matter of fact, being overtired can cause burning eyes as well. I suggest you take breaks when reading book, and do some massage to you eyes to relax them. You can also use some eye drops. If you have myopia, you'd better wear glasses when you are reading.