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What to wear with floral sunglasses for style?

I have a pair of floral sunglasses. I want to make me look cool with the sunglasses as well as match some clothes. Is there any suggestion about what style of clothes or decoration that i can wear to match floral sunglasses?
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  • Luke oliver


    Actually the floral sunglasses are already outstanding. You should wear some clothes with monotonous color series, no more than three different color for your clothes. In addition, you could add to wear the gauze kerchief which may improve the elegant and refreshing sense to the whole dressing with the floral sunglasses.
  • Nathan harris


    Yeah, Floral sunglasses are look great. If you wear floral sunglasses, you shall avoid business suit or other black clothes. Since the design of their floral sunglasses frames, you'd better wear some light colored clothes or some chiffon clothes. Besides, For example, you can wear white skirt, or pink skirt with black spot or other flowers etc. Just try on and test it out yourself.

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