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Is waterproof mascara bad for contacts?

I just want to know if waterproof mascara can be bad for contacts. If it can, I decide not to wear makeup any longer.
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  • Theresa M


    What's your point? There is no relations between contacts and waterproof mascara. You can apply waterproof mascara to your eyelashes and wear contact lenses at the some time. But you shall first wear contact lenses before your wear waterproof mascara, eyeliner, eyes shadow or something like that. However, you shall clean your hands and take off your contacts before you try to remove eye makeup. This is because waterproof mascara usually hard to take off at night that you may be remove it in a rough way, it even cause eyelash loss. Anyway, you shall taking off contact lenses before you remove it for the sake of your eyes.
  • leigh sehr


    If you are not careful when you are putting on makeup, the cosmetics can easily get into your eyes and pollute your eyes and eye contact lenses and cause eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis, ketatitis, and so on. It does not mean that you should not wear eye contact lenses or you should not wear makeup any longer; it is just that you should pay attention as possible as you can not to pollute your eye contacts when you are putting on makeup. Therefore, you do not have to quit your makeup. But you should at least notice the following tips. First of all, you should put on your eye contacts before you put on waterproof mascara. When you are drawing the eyeline, do not draw inside the eyelid or beyond the lower eyelid. In addition, do not apply unstable foundation makeup on the face in case of getting into the eyes. Besides, the face scream should not be spread too near the eyes. When you are brush your eyeshadow, you should remember to close your eyes.
  • fergus


    You know there are many people in the world, and some of them will be allergic to something. So this kind of people is not likely to make up or apply the mascara. As for you, if the situation is serious, you can use some eyes drop for the inflammation. We suggest you not wear contacts when you use mascara or change another brand of mascara, as some of the mascara is not produced by natural material. And the new brand mascara must be without fiber or it will block in your contacts. If the new brand has still make you feel bad, you would better not to wear make up any longer when you wear contacts.