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Why is there pus in the corner of my eye?

I think I may get an eye infection these days coz there is pus in the corner of my eye for days. What can I do to relieve this symptom?
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  • csky4


    First of all, you should remove all the pus from your eye. Dip the clean cotton balls in the warm water and then clear the pus in the corner of your eye gently. After this is done, you can apply eye drops in the corner of your eye every two hours. Stick to dripping the eye drops until there is no pus in your eye. Or you can use antibiotic eye ointment in replacement of eye drops, but four times a day. In addition, if you wear contact lenses, switch to glasses temporarily in case that it will do damage to the cornea. Do not touch or rub your eyes with your hands, otherwise, your infection can aggravate and last longer. Wash your hands frequently to prevent spreading the infection. With treatment, the pus will clear up in 3 days. Wish you better soon.
  • elen_t


    The reason for why there is pus in the corner of your eye is that you are probably suffering from the blockage of tear duct. This problem is easy to deal with. You can soak a piece of soft cloth in hot or warm water, and then apply it over your eyes. At the same time, it is better for you to massage the eye corner with your fingertips. By pushing up on the corner, you can push the pus out. You should make sure that your fingers are clean in the whole process. If eye redness comes along with the pus, you should take this condition seriously because this means you have pink eye. However, pink eye can be easily cured if you get timely treatment. Antibiotic eye drops or ointment is effective in treating pink eye.