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What is the best sunglasses for backpacking?

Can you guys recommend me a kind of sunglasses that can be suitable during backpacking? Thanks a lot.
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  • christraper


    If you gonna to have a backpacking, i recommend you polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are more protection that regular sunglasses. They can not only shield your eyes from intensive sunshine, but also prevent from glares from water surface, metal surface as well as snow surface etc. So, choosing polarized sunglasses can give you better eye protection. Besides, brown sunglasses lenses are recommended. Among those colorful sunglasses in the market. Brown lenses sunglasses can provide your the best comfortable vision in any environment. Hope this can help you.
  • exotic_scents


    To choose a pair of suitable sunglasses for backpacking, the first thing is to choose the color of the sunglasses. You should choose according the practical necessity. For example, the yellow-colored sunglasses are suitable for nighttime traveling. The grey-colored sunglasses are the most suitable for seeing things clearly. The green-colored sunglasses can reduce eye fatigue. And you should choose deep colors instead of light ones, such as dark grey, dark green, and dark brown. In addition, you should pay attention whether there is a sign of "UV-400" on the sunglasses which means the sunglasses are good at screening off the ultraviolet rays in the sunshine. And polarized sunglasses can help prevent from reflection or refraction or dazzling. Choose durable materials in case of the sunglasses falling down on the ground and greeting broken.
  • John clark


    The suitable sunglasses for backpacking must equip the best ability of radiation protection especially the anti-ultraviolet ability. And the polarized sunglasses is a right choice. Because of the special design and perfect material, polarized lenses can achieve 98% even 100% anti-ultraviolet. In this way, they help reduce eyestrain and ultraviolet radiation. Additionally, the glasses frame is also important, the durable material will be the best choice. But most of all is your own preference. There are many spectacles store online, which contain a wide range of sunglasses of different colors,materials,shapes as well as prices. The only thing you should pay attention is choosing the best suitable sunglasses for yourself after a detailed understanding of them.
  • Rebecca


    Personally, polarized sunglasses are the best for backpacking. Compared common sunglasses, polarized sunglasses can protect the eyes from sunshine, UV rays and glares. With it, you can get good eye protection. If you want a cool look, you can also try flash lenses sunglasses mirror lenses sunglasses which is also good at shielding eyes from intensive sunshine and glares. Besides, these sunglasses are very cool to make you outstanding.
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