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Jada shelley


What should i do if my baby pees in his eye?

I am so awkward to ask this but it really worries me. My baby peed in his eyes just now. Will it be serious? What should I do now?
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  • Mona


    lololo...Your baby must be very naughty and lovely boy. In fact, i have meet that problem several years ago when i take care of my little baby brother. It doesn't matter and won't cause any bad problems to the baby. Just use water to clean the eyes, as well as his face. It will be fine. You shall take the baby more carefully later and do not let him again.
  • c_wilde


    No, it is nothing to worry about. Pee won't damage his eyes at all.All you need to do is to flush his eyes with clean water and flush away the pee in his eyes. He will be fine soon. Babies often get pee in eyes. This is natural. Don't worry. He will be fine.
  • comingourloud


    Normally speaking, it will not hurt your baby’s eyes at all, because the pee is a kind of body fluid of your baby, if your baby is wholesome and health, the pee is harmless and natural without chemical staff. You just need some clean water to wash his eyes and weep the excessive water with clean towel, even the eye drop is no need. When your baby cry, all the residual pee will wash out from his eyes. No worries at all!