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How to get more oxygen to your eyes?

Do you guys know how to get more oxygen to my eyes? I think I kind of lack oxygen in my eyes.
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  • Joseph campbell


    Oxygen is quite necessary for eyes. If there is not sufficient amount of oxygen in the eyes, the eye function will be negatively affected and the cornea will swell. One may feel uncomfortable when the eyes run out of oxygen. If this condition is left untreated, the cornea will lose its transparency. If you are a contact lenses wearer, your eyes will suffer from oxygen deficiency after you have worn them too long, for example, 16 hours per day. It is ok that you wear contacts for 12 to 14 hours each day, but you must give your eyes a rest once a week to maintain the certain amount of oxygen in your eyes. The eyes get their oxygen in your veins, so you need to make sure the oxygen in the blood of your body is enough. This can be done by taking exercise, deep breathing and taking in more vitamins.
  • evilrain


    If the eyes are usually under the condition of oxygen insufficiency, then people will easily get increasingly aged cornea. You can apply the ofloxacin eye drops to your eyes under the cunduction of the doctoe. And before you go to sleep, you can spread moderate erythrocin oculentum into your eyes. In addition, you should pay attention to have adequate rest and sleep, do not overuse your eyes. Keep good eye hygiene, and do not eat irritate foods such as spicy dishes. Eat more vegetables and fruits.