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Is saunf good for eyes?

People say that saunf can be good for eyes, is that true? What should I do to use it to benefit my eyes?
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  • Alexia charles


    Saunf mainly contains proteins, fat, dietary fibers, anethole, fenchone, anisaldehyde. It has the functions of anti-ulcer, analgesia, and so on. And to some extent, it has antibacterial action. Therefore, saunf can be good for your eyes to prevent your eyes from ulcer, eye pain or bacteria infection. You can put some saunf into the boiled water, and after a few minutes you can drink the water. However, it is not good to have too much of saunf, because it is hard and dry. Every day you can have no more than ten grams.
  • Lauren


    Well, yes, saunf can be very good for your eyes. So you can just have a try. First, saunf is very beneficial in the treatment of weak eyesight and several eye problems. According to some doctors, it can be used in many ways like boil a teaspoon full of these seeds with a cup of water. And you should know that strain the cool mixture and use it as an eye drop to soothe eye irritation and inflammation. By the way, it is said that it can be helpful in curing weakness of optic nerve and night blindness. Anyway, you can just have a try.

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