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Can scar tissue in the eye be removed?

I hate to have scar tissue in my eye. What should I do to remove it? Please give me a hand, guys!!!
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  • emptypayphone


    As for your scar tissue in your eyes, you must look the injury degree, if the tissue area is limited and shallow, you can take a surgery as laser operation to cut it out, even it can not totally get rid of it, but most of it will disappear. This surgery would be the eyes beauty surgery. Or there is an other simple method, you can wear a pair of contacts to cover it. This way will be easier and cost less. Hope my suggestion would help you out!
  • Samuel hill


    I heard that the scar tissues can be removed by some kind of surgery. The surgeon can use some high tech equipment to clean out the debris and a lot of scar tissues during the surgery. But we must aware that there was no guarantee that the scar tissues would not grow back again. So you'd better consult your eye doctor for better ways or suggestions.