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How soon can you see clearly after cataract surgery?

Is there anyone experience cataract surgery? How soon can you see clearly after cataract surgery? I plan to receive an cataract surgery in near further.
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  • jason miller


    Typically it is about a month. It may be less, but often doctors will recommend not getting new glasses until a month after your first eye. It takes this time to heal. Be on notice that often there is glare after cataract surgery. Especially with the newest lenses (source: JM
  • Audrey B.


    I had cataract surgery two weeks ago and still cannot see clearly. Why?
  • Sherri H


    Well, it seems that your eyes really have got a serious problem. If you find that there are things to be done to solve your problem, just set about the surgery before it is too late, no matter how soon you can see things clearly again. Because sometimes disease is not to be ignored, just for your own health. I believe you don't wanna be blind right? And typically, it takes about several month, perhaps half a year before you see things clear again, it depends on the progress and your personal efforts , got it?
  • Makayla raphael


    You may see clearly after a week of the cataract surgery. However, during this time, you'd better keep a good habit of eating, avoid from the spicy food. In addition, you should not do the furious exercise. If you really want to do, you'd better do the exercise after a month of the cataract surgery.