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Is costco a good place to get glasses?

Have you bought eyeglasses at costco? Is that a good place to buy eyeglasses? Any suggestion?
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  • ctc_youth


    Yeah,the costco is a good place to buy the eyeglasses. The price there is suitable and the quality is good. You can wear the eyeglasses bought from costco for at least three years because they are so durable which owns great crashworthiness. In addition, the service there is good and considerate.
  • Barry


    Well, it seems that you just regard costco as your buying option and trading place. Indeed, there have been a lot of positive comments on their quality and great buying experiences and perfect stuff. In constrast to walmart or some other places, they just concentrate glasses sector and are quite professional dealer. Well, when trying to buy from them, just be careful of the quality and after sales service and that would be ok.
  • Debbie


    Costco is a great place of eyeglasses. With countless styles and unbeatable prices, I have got my favorite glasses. It looks not only lovely, but it is the lightest I ever have. And their service is kindly. They first exam your eyes, and then the doctor would write you a prescription and give you some advices. The whole process is very comfortable. Sometimes they will make a sale promotion. Good luck!

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